Why you do this?

Awhile back I started a blog about my adventures here in Denver. Little did I know that I wouldn’t be having many adventures at all. In fact, the funnest things I’ve done in the past few weeks have been playing games on my computer and just having fun complications at work. So that blog hasn’t gotten much traffic from me in awhile. And at this point I’m not really too hard pressed to dust the cobwebs off of it.

So this is my new blog and it’s going to just be me and my thoughts and my stories and my opinions. There’s been plenty of things I’ve wanted to talk about, but haven’t had to chance to on my other blog because they don’t fit the whole “Sean’s living in Denver now” theme. So here you’re going to get everything. Music/movie/TV reviews, rants about stuff that makes no sense to me, stories from my past and present. Just a mix of everything you can imagine. So don’t be surprised to see anything and everything show up here.


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